In the abstract, the purpose of the study, the methods used and the results obtained should be mentioned. The abstract should not exceed 1 page, including the title and authors. The abstract should be 12 pt in Times New Roman font. should be written with Title 14 pt. in bold, authors should be written in 12 pt italic and author information should be written in 10 pt italic. Page margins should be arranged as 2 cm and 1 cm gutter margins from the left and 2 cm from the right. Tables, graphs and figures can be used in the summary. The total number of characters should not exceed 5000.


3-6 keywords should be written.

You can access the portal to be used for abstract submission from the link below.

  • Abstract length should be between 200-300 words.
  • Add tables, graphs, figures, etc. to your summaries. you can add.
  • You must upload your abstract titles to the system with all letters in capital letters.
  • Likewise, the surnames of the authors should be written in capital letters.
  • Please review the writing guide and template for full text submission.
  • Full texts (including bibliography and abstract) should not exceed 8 pages.

NOTE: For abstract submissions, the relevant Editor, Dr. S. Yeser Aslanoglu and Dr. Ali Çiftçi and his contact information is as follows. They should be contacted regarding submissions.

Dr. S. Yeşer Aslanoğlu

Dr. Ali Çiftçi

Abstract submission deadline

November 6, 2023

For Full Text Submission
  • You need to load the system so that all letters of your titles are capitalized.
  • Likewise, the surnames of the authors should be written in capital letters.
  • For full text submission, review the spelling guide and template.
  • Full texts (including bibliography and abstracts) should not exceed 10 results.
  • Login link to the system for Full Text submission will be here.
Tam Metin Şablonu
Poster Submission
  • Posters should be 60cm X 100cm (Vertical-Portraid).
  • Imprint information (13.National -1st International Environmental Engineering Congress) should be centered from the right and left with all capital letters, 72 point black and bold font, the logo of the person presenting the poster should be on the left and the logo of the chamber on the right.
  • Logos should be prepared with a diameter of approximately 60mm.
  • Just below the title, the name and surname of the author, only the first letters should be written in capital 20 point black and bold font, centered from the right and left.
  • One line below, the name of your institution/university should be written in 20-point font, centered from the right and left.
  • Poster text should begin with a brief summary of the poster.
  • The poster text may include figures, graphics and pictures.
  • The smallest font size that can be used in the poster text has been determined as 20 points.
  • Arial font and light background colors should be preferred for ease of reading in the entire poster.