Invitation Letter

The climate chance phenomenon, which has been started to be discussed on a global scale since the 1970s, was first subjected to international treaties in 1992 has now become a serious crisis with the steps governments take, try to take, or avoid taking. The climate crisis has turned into a phenomenon that is caused by humanity and threatens all life systems along with it.

Because of the climate crisis, life on earth is now in danger of extinction due to sea level rise, depleted water resources, drying fertile lands, floods, extinct species, hunger, epidemics and migration. The steps to be taken and the policies to be created to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have been discussed for 30 years, however, humanity that is helpless against the climate crisis and the ecosystem experiencing this fate caused by the same humanity could not be protected. Now we are facing a reality where we have to search for more comprehensive, holistic and radical solutions and create new living policies.

Based on this reality, we are taking a step as a professional organization that is among the subjects of administrative, technical, legal and political processes for the prevention and elimination of environmental problems. We determined "Climate Crisis and Environmental Policies” as the theme of our Environmental Engineering Congress in order to solve the environmental problems that have diversified and deepened into a global crisis today, and to create and implement social policies and principles in the light of science and for the public benefit based on environmental engineering.

Since 1992, as The Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) we aim to share and discuss the environmental engineering profession and the studies produced in the field of environment in the widest scope at the 14th National and 2nd International Environmental Engineering Congress, which we have been organizing in different cities every two years. We are organizing our congress online on 9-10-11 December 2021, where we aim to bring academicians, students also people and institutions operating in the field of environment together, and to discuss professional and environmental issues on a scientific level.