The whole world is going through a difficult time due to the pandemic. The global climate crisis, on the other hand, shows its effects more and more every day. It is clear that environmental problems and policies are among the main causes of this and many other important problems we face, directly or indirectly, and that these problems can only be overcome by scientific studies in this field. The days we are going through reveal our need for science much more clearly.

As stated in the main regulation of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers of TMMOB, congresses and similar studies are among the aims of the establishment of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers, in order to contribute to the increase of theoretical and practical knowledge by opening the developments in the field of environment and environmental engineering for discussion and presenting them to the attention and knowledge of the public and colleagues. make is included. In line with these purposes, Environmental Engineering Congress has been held 13 times, starting from 1992, once every two years.

The congress, which was held in the previous Gebze/KOCAELİ, is planned to be held online this year as the 14th National and 2nd International Environmental Engineering Congress due to pandemic conditions. Based on the current problems mentioned at the beginning, the main topic of this year's congress was determined as "Climate Crisis and Environmental Policies". Academicians, students, and all stakeholders from the public and private sectors, who work on environmental issues from home and abroad, come together to share, discuss and exchange the latest scientific and technological studies and developments in the field of ecology, environment and environmental engineering, including but not limited to the main topic. and to develop collaborations.